long vowel patterns ei, ey, eigh

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n. A speech sound, such as (
Sindarin - the Noble Tongue. Also called: Grey-elven, the tongue of Beleriand, the noble tongue; in LotR often referred to simply as "the Elven-tongue".
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English orthography is the alphabetic spelling system used by the English language. English orthography, like other alphabetic orthographies, uses a set of long vowel patterns ei, ey, eigh habits to .
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long vowel patterns ei, ey, eigh

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This page contains a table of the Unicode Base Multilingual Plane (BMP, Plane 0), characters U+0020 through U+2B0D, U+3040-312F, U+31A0-31FF, and U+FFF9-FFFF, encoded .
Summary. This document describes an XML format (vocabulary) for the exchange of structured locale data. This format is used in the Unicode Common Locale Data Repository.
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Contains a complete listing of all word families or rimes arranged by vowel pattern including the long vowels, short vowels, and diphthongs with research references .
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A vowel combination is a combination of two or three vowels, or of a vowel and at least one consonant, that is associated with one or more specific single sounds.

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