comcast error 65532

19. ledna 2012 v 11:25

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For the past 24 hours I haven't been able to access my Comcast Web Mail. I can log in, but I can't get to my mail and I know that there are at least 15 mail messages .
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I have two boxes and On Demand is not working on either of them. One box gives the code ERR-65532 and the other box gives the code SRM-20. Can anyone tell me what .
Best Answer: I am having the same exact issue problem - comcast error 65532 i live in MD I keep trying to call comcast but they are overloaded with calls and i can't get .
Motorola Cable Box and DVI Error comcast error 65532 I upgraded to HD from Comcast a few weeks ago. I received a new HD box (Motorola DCH-3200) to be able to get 1080i programming.
Best Answer: What type of box do you have? What market are you in (Atlanta, Houston, Columbus, etc)? When do you receive the error? When you press the .
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Code: Description: When Error Occurs: Action Required: Ep 00: Fan Failed: EP00 Will only be shown on D01 of the status page (hold ok while box is off). Box will .
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